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  1. Payments: 50% Deposit(Not refundable). 30% upon project deliver and 20% before publish, payment only by CASH or CHEQUE(must clear in bank). Full payment to be settled for price below or equal to RM 100.00. Monthly fee required before 07 of every month included holiday.
  2. Delivery: Estimate 30 working days Over (Mobile Apps/Customize progrramming will be over 6 months) upon order confirmation subject to all materials required given by customer. Website, programming or design job and etc will be started after receive full materials from customer. Any material submitted to NEXUS SOLUTION after delivery will be considered as new project or work. After Website, programming or design job and etc published to online and/or offline, it is consider that the customer has fully accepted the website and no amendment allowed or else charged separately.
  3. Validity of Quotation: 14 days from the date of quotation and/or invoice.
  4. All text, pictures and any material required for the website, programming or design job and/or etc. must be submitted to NEXUS SOLUTION within 7 days from the date of order confirmation. After 7 days will be considered as new work or project and charged separately.
  5. All text and pictures must be provided by customer in softcopy or else design, copyright, modification and/or etc fees will be charged separately.
  6. We are not responsible for writing/create/modify any text, documents, pictures, code, video and/or etc. If services required we will quote separately.
  7. Above mentioned is the bundle price, charges will be imposed if item is to be selected separately.
  8. The above quoted price is just for costing estimation. The actual payable amount might be different subject to project requirements and any unforseen changes or etc.
  9. NEXUS SOLUTION will not reposible for any course lost, damage, copyright, legal or ilegal issue and/or etc.
  10. NEXUS SOLUTION reserves all rights to change and terminate any terms & condition, services, products, price and etc anytime with or without prior notice.
  11. “Unlimited Space & Bandwith” means all clients share together in Web Hosting Space(Server Harddisk Space) and/or other resources subject to a maximum usage in ONE server only and without exceed any other usage limitation.
  12. NEXUS SOLUTION Web Hosting forbids any data which related to sex, politic, religion, warens, forums, bbs, backup storage, cheating, hacking, cracking, illegal and etc. Account will be delete if any found. NEXUS SOLUTION Web Hosting is ONLY for those files that related to legal website.
  13. The definition of Shared Web Hosting is One server shared among many clients.
  14. NEXUS SOLUTION reserves the right to remove or suspend any website, account and/or etc services which related to customer that still has own payment to NEXUS SOLUTION and/or related to NEXUS SOLUTION associate and/or alliace.
  15. Web Hosting Contract period: Minimum 1 years. NEXUS SOLUTION is holding full access right of the website until client has made full payment. For any termination or cancellation below 3 years, client must pay the full balance in 7 days.
  16. Customer must make prompt payment and responsible to check renew status to avoid any termination or suspension. Any account suspended (Extra RM100.00 penalty for active back each account), customer need to understand that once domain name and/or hosting expired all data and domain name may be not secure, delete and cannot recover. NEXUS SOLUTION will not responsible for all domain name and/or web hosting lost.
  17. Changes or amendments of design and/or content: Maximum 3 Times.
  18. In the event of client neglecting or defaulting his parts in his purchase as agreed here or becoming insolvent, NEXUS SOLUTION shall have the option of suspending performance of or canceling this project, reserving the right to claim against Client for expenses, charges, losses and / or market differences caused by such suspension or cancellation.
  19. We are not responsible for any caused error, delay, lost and/or etc which edited/done by client.
  20. All scripts, programming & etc source code are sold separately & maximun warranty 3 months.